Peru: The Jorge Chávez International Airport of Lima

Peru is the country of South America, located at the western of the continent on the offshore of South Pacific Ocean. The country is hedging with Andes mountains range that runs the length of South America. Peru has bordered with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, and Bolivia, making it perfect in its location. Peru is considered a diverse country due to its unique wealth that barely found in any other corner of the world. The most promising attractions of this country are the patrimony of pre-Columbian cultures, their gastronomy, Inca’s Empire, colonial construction, natural resources and colonial architecture.


Lima is the capital city of Peru, situated on the country’s arid Pacific Coast. It is a sprawling and bustling city of the Peru, preserving the colonial center of the pre-Colombian era. Lima is known for its exotic cuisines, vibrant culture, traditional coast food, home of MuseoLarco and pre-Columbian art. The city is not only tracing the history of centuries but vigorously making an effort for bright present and future. Jorge Chávez International Airport, commonly known as Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez, is a vivid example of Peru’s commitment towards its grandeur future.


The airport is located at in Callao which is foremost Seaport of Peru, 17 km away from the historic center of Lima. It is also a main international airport of Peru, used for all domestic and international flights. This airport is considered as the nation’s capital, fully integrated with capital City Lima. It is stated that this airport alone handled 8,288,506 passengers in 2008 along with 98,733 cargo aircraft movements which got double in next year, making Lima airport, a busiest airport in South America.



The airport is serving the nation with excellent services and becomes a hub of major airlines due to the substantial increase in passenger’s capacity. The significant effect of airport’s expansion and renovation has led a positive impact on the quality services, provided to passengers. In April 2010, the airport was selected as Best Airport in South America 2010 Award. Skytrax which is a UK-based commercial Aviation Company has honored this event and Award for Lima Airport.


The Airport has best services for its passengers, starting from VIP Lounges, Transportation, medical care, free internet, child care, restaurants, hotels, shopping center, spas and information desk for round the clock support. Initially, there was only one terminal opened in front of Ramada Costa del Sol but in 2009, it is expanded by another phase. Now, this extended terminal has 28 gates in which 19 are used for boarding bridges. In 2010, it was announced to build a 2nd terminal for the airport due to the dramatic increase in tourism and commercial activities in Peru. It is predicted that growth in passengers capacity will be doubled in coming years which is not easy to find anywhere in Latin America. And you can always book for Lima airport shuttle here for roaming the city.


Precisely, Jorge Chávez International Airport, is the leading airport of Peru, providing high-quality services among all the airport of Latin America.


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